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Other Programmes

Arising from an awareness that the general syllabus of school subjects is insufficient in covering all the educational needs of its pupils, the school has designed a series of special programmes for each educational level to deal specifically with cross-curricular develpment that is basic to the school´s philosophy. Some examples of these programmes are The Reading for Enjoyment Programme,  The Thinking Skills Programme, Table Manners & Good Eating Habits Programme in Primary, and the most notable one in Secondary, Health Education for Adolescents and Pre-adolescents (an educational course on eating habits, interpersonal relationships, alcohol, smoking and drugs).

At the Baccalaureate level, the most important programme is related to youth in Europe – The European Parlament Model and The European


Debating Forum in which pupils are exposed and involved with controversal current topics relevant to the European Union.

Also worthy of mention are the school projects for collaboration with NGOs that have an educational emphasis and where the aim is to foster an awareness of existing inequality in the world today and the need for solidarity and action in order to alleviate them. Pupils´ work-groups are set up from Primary 6 onwards to prepare programmes of activities some of which are educational while others are focused on fund-raising and involve all pupils in a variety of activities at different times during the school year.


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