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While Colegio Base is essentially a Spanish school and the main emphasis is providing pupils with a thorough grounding in the Spanish system, at the same time it is considered of great importance that they reach a very high oral and written levels in a second language, starting with English. For this reason, for over 20 years the school has been a pioneer in the strategy of immersion in a second language in the Spanish arena with its Immersion Courses in English based on the simultaneous use of two languages in classroom instruction. Our pupils start English language adquisition at three years of age in the Infant School as an integrated part of the educational programme at this stage and continue through Primary and Secondary and up to school-leaving age. The major focus is given in Primary wherein up to almost half of the school day is given over to English, with a high percentage of the time allocated to content-based learning: between 30% and 50% of classes are given in English depending on the year group: 10- 12 hours per week in Primary 1 & 2 (English, Drama, Art and Music), and 16 hours per week in Primary 3 to 6 years (English, Drama, Art, Science and Social Studies). The aim is that our pupils reach a sufficiently high level in oral communication skills in order to complete their Primary education with a sound basis and so go on to prepare for the University of Cambridge ELTS – P.E.T in Secondary 1, First Certificate in English in Secondary 3, and the Advanced  Certificate in English in Bacclaureate Year 1, all of which are organised with the examining body on the school premises.



Language learning is further complemented with the requirement that pupils take a compulsory second foreign language in Secondary School, with a choice of French or German. The courses offered employ teaching and language adquisiton techniques similar to those of the Immersion Courses, emphasising oral communication on an equal front to that of written communciation. Pupils generally reach a level whereby they can converse with acceptable fluency in everyday situations in the countries where these languages are spoken and have a sound basis for further study if wished. The pupils taking the French courses have the option of entering for the French Institute DELF examinations (A-2 to B-4 levels), and in German for the Goethe Insitut Fit in Deutsch 1 and the Start in Deutsch 1 & 2 in their Bacclaureate Year 1.

In this way, they may start their university studies with the advantage of being able to communicate and study in at least one foreign language which opens up an array of choices and opportunities in further education in Spain and at foreign universities.


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